OK so here it is – ‘The Yorkshire’

Well…we finally made it. After two years of work and some hard graft we are pleased to finally have a watch out there and fulfilling the promise made to my Grandad that one day there would be a watch with his name on it. We name all out watches after Counties so this one in honour of Albert Wagstaff is ‘The Yorkshire’.

It hasn’t been easy but it has been fun. We have had a few ups and downs and lots of criticism and a bit of praise along the way but now we have it out there and you good people have started buying them.

We have begun the advertising only this month really, as so far sales have been through word of mouth and meeting a few people at County shows down near beautiful Malvern. So fingers firmly crossed and if you have already have one thanks and please do send us a picture of yours out in the lovely countryside.

We are working on a couple of new models – ‘The Buckinghamshire’ and ‘The Herefordshire’ stay tuned for more details soon.

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Stay with us on this journey people – we have big plans and we want you to come along with us.

5 replies on โ€œOK so here it is – ‘The Yorkshire’โ€œ

  • Annie Menzies

    What a wonderful concept. Your story is heartwarming and we love all things classic country. My father was a gamekeeper in Perthshire, from a long line of gamekeepers. His favourite watch back then was Timex and he always could depend on it and he loved that it was British made. Timing was important to him during a good shoot.

    Good luck and enjoy a long business life in the watch trade…your onto something.

    Best wishes

  • Andrew Pettinger

    Absolutely LOVE the dial. Been looking for this classic styling for a long time, with a limited budget, and you may be the one. And you’re British! My only criticism is the thickness at 10mm. Are you considering or planning a thinner version, with the same dial?

  • Ivan Marks

    It’s been a long time since I have been able to see the a dial on a watch with such clarity, so jolly good job, hoping to see a ladies version in the near future. Ivan


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