Lambing Season

A very very long time ago I used to work on the Brookfield’s Farm in a place called Tickhill. I knew the son of the farmer at school and Spring and Summer was always spent helping out at the farm.

I loved it and feel privileged now to have had the chance to work on a real working farm for that time.

One time of year which always stuck with me was lambing season. The season can begin as early as December in some parts but it was always Spring and particularly around Easter when I was around the estate.

It was a busy time and tinged with difficulties if ewes or lambs didn’t survive the season. Ewes will normally only be fertile about once a year but some breeds like the Dorsets can get pregnant more than that.

We used to have maybe 3-4 Rams in the Tupping season to cover the flock and the pairing up to get good stock was always a dark art as I saw it.

But once lambing was in full swing I remember like everyone else bring buddy with all sorted of things – if I’m honest I quite miss it. Grandad was a keen countryman and remember him saying farming was something everyone should know more about then they would appreciate the produce more. He said tell your kids how it all hands together don’t let them think it’s the Supermarket that’s the hero 😁

So my advice Mum & Dad or Grandad & Grandma is get those kids down to watch so

live lambing or get to the local exhibition farms that fit the country and keep educating kids about their food and where it comes from.

We are going to need farmers even more in the future as we do now you can trust me on that.

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