It’s all about weight :-)

We get asked a lot about how heavy or not our watches are and so I thought I would expand a little on our thinking on this.

When we re-started Wagstaff Watches we wanted to have something that was robust and reliable but not with a heft that made it uncomfortable to wear. Big watches can be very heavy at times and we wanted to avoid that.

But of course what is heavy to one person isn’t to another so what weight to go for … well we did some measuring and some weighing-up [sorry 🙂 …] and landed on 160g .

This made the watch we thought the ideal weight for customers and we made up some samples to try with people. It seemed the most popular option we tested.

Now we do get some who say not heavy enough and we get some saying too heavy but we can’t please all the people all the time (as Albert always used to say).

So we think whilst our watches look chunky they are not too heavy and we get emails every week from customers telling us just how much they appreciate the comfortable nature of our watches.

Phew !

The next model we have is in fact going to be slightly heavier because of the manufacture process and types of materials but we are working to keep the weight down – you want a watch not a dead weight on your wrist – right ?!

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