Easter in the Highlands

Easter is a funny time of year for us here at Wagstaff HQ – the orders are normally low as everyone is away with the first big break of the year and of course the kids needs entertaining ! So our workshop and studio are always quiet and just slightly reflective on the year ahead.

So we took an opportunity to go up to see the Highlands in Scotland and Aberdeenshire – which if you haven’t been is possibly some of the most beautiful parts of the UK.

What came to mind as we were travelling, and of course chatting to the folks who organise the Highland Games where next year we hope to have a stand to sell out watches, is with all this Brexit nonsense going on we are likely to see a lot more people holidaying in the UK – and we thought we would put in a suggestion that Scotland might well be a great choice for you.

The hills and mountains are magnificent, the zoos and wildlife parks are great and the people very welcoming and friendly. Give it a thought as driving around as we did we thought how much of this beautiful country of ours many have never seen really – it’s worth exploring more folks – well we think so.

Get out and see the wildlife, see some stunning scenery and keep your costs down till it all calms down a bit and the pound recovers a bit more 🙂

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