Safety in the Countryside

We don’t often get all scolding and preachy here are Wagstaff but sometime it’s good to remind people that walking in hills and countryside means you still as my Grandad Albert always said “Keep your wits about you”.

We encourage everyone to get out and walking and enjoy the countryside – but increasingly as we all get busier and it’s not trendy to be countryside aware as much as we used to be.

Closing gates, slowing down near horses a keeping your dog under control around livestock all used to be a big part of

being out in the countryside but we fear nowadays they are falling from the memory as children don’t have it explained to them and just enjoying yourself takes over.

In the news recently people have been hurt in storms on mountains and hills and making sure you know how to keep yourself and others strain in those circumstance is brought in to stark contrast. Knowing what to do in thunderstorms is important – it is very rare people get struck by lightning but 15 people a year die from it and there is not point taking the risk eh?

Be prepared, learn a little more about countryside codes of behaviour and safety planning if you are doing something a little adventurous is all part of being out in the wilds or even just out away from your car for a few hours in the countryside.

Stay safe everyone and get yourselves on Amazon for a decent book on walking and being out in the countryside – there are lots to choose from.

Here is a starter for ten…

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