It’s a Gentlemen’s Watch

We recently wandered in to the political minefield of gender inadvertently and it got us thinking. As my Granddad’s famous for saying “Just explain, people are cleverer than people think” ๐Ÿ˜„

We have what is known as a tag-line on our adverts as it is known in the advertising world of “It’s a Gentleman’s watch!” … But this was questioned recently by a major publisher as somewhat sexist in their opinion.

We were somewhat surprised by this but understand the concern. So perhaps we should explain…

We make a watch which is deliberately bulky but lightweight and had a large face at 44mm across so sometimes this needs a subtle clarification as women may like the design too but not necessary want a watch quite that large. We have had a few returned by women who didn’t want a face quite that big. So in what are our simple ways we thought we might add the tag-line to avoid any future confusion.

The Yorkshire model is a Gentlemen’s size watch and we aren’t trying to be sexist merely helpful. Sorry if that confused anyone, we really are.

We may well manufacturer a smaller version for ladies in future at which point we will no doubt calls it in tag-lines “It’s a Ladies’ Watch” ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

So here’s hoping that’s cleared up any confusion and we do hope we didn’t offend anyone along the way.

Keep coming back here for future product developments.

All the very best everyone.


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