Lyme Disease and Countryside

I know you don’t expect to read about diseases on watch company websites but this is personal for us ! Read on…

Lyme Disease is a crappy infection disease to contract and anyone is vulnerable but research recently has highlighted a higher risk for older women – mainly because of pretty much nothing more than they are going in to the countryside more and more and there is a susceptibility slowly seeming to appear from research.

We all need to check if we get a bite of think we have been bitten by these nasty critters we get it checked.

A good friend of ours recently contracted the disease and there have been dreadful consequences so please if you even suspect please see a doctor ASAP.

Here are some more details but we love the countryside but there are precautions we all need to take and maybe check up on later.

Let’s all stay safe after that trip out – don’t just be all stoic about a sting or a bite and get it checked.

Here is some help

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