Utah, Bali and beyond

One of the great things about making a product like ours is that it’s a very personal choice buying a watch and so it often goes with you …well everywhere doesn’t it.

At Wagstaff we love to see where our watches get to and love it when our customers take 5 minutes to take a picture of their Wagstaff out and about in the world.

In recent weeks a lovely customer of ours sent us a picture of their Yorkshire model on the sand strap way out in Bali that’s nearly 8,000 miles away from us. Thank you so much and it was a beautiful picture – definitely a future in product photography for that friend of Wagstaff’s HQ.

And even more recently we had our first sale in Salt Lake City all the way out in Utah, USA ..(the Beehive State!) We are fingers crossed at Wagstaff Towers for a picture from that particular customer especially as they had the surname Wagstaff !!

There is a World Map in our workshop where we stick mini pins in to the wall for where our watches get to … Please do help us add to it. We love to think our watches are out there and timing customers world it feels really special – like no other product out there we think.

Keep travelling and keep telling us where you go ! 😀

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