It’s the small things..

Every year in the small market town Beaconsfield in bucks they hold what they call the Country Fayre on the August Bank Holiday.

It’s great event with local restaurants and businesses getting together with local businesses and civic groups to just have a great time.

The roads are closed off in the Old Town and loads of activities take place from dog shows go-carting and food stalls and local charities promoting membership and activities. Even the Town Council has a stand so everyone is involved ๐Ÿ˜„

It’s well attended with lots of local people attending and enjoying the day. The whole things is organised by a small committee of local resident volunteers.

This event got us thinking. This town’s event isn’t unique it is not particularly special it is just a normal community event typical of many small towns that you can see up and down the country.

The interesting thing is that volunteers give up time to do something for their community and everyone has a great time because of their dedication to their community.

When you contrast this with the growing evidence of people not being happy and increasing social isolation and loneliness you start to think of more people were involved in these community events they would get that feeling of involvement and social inclusion. Small investment in your local community can deliver some great rewards and payback.

Those small things that we could all get involved in and help organise event just like the Beaconsfield Country Fayre and help others and ourselves along the way.

So why not try it …volunteer locally – we do and we get lots back from it you will too at least we think you will.

Community is important and in this age of isolation and social exclusion those small things like volunteering locally helps make those community events better and the communities themselves better for it.

Much of life is about the small things and making small things have a big impact.

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      Hi Ron – well just between you and us – we do have plans for future models that does include a metal strap automatic – we have had a lot of people asking about them. We will probably be giving existing customers first call on these when we make them. So watch this space. All the vest best Pete


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