Gone Fishing – Mortimer & Whitehouse

My Grandfather, Albert Wagstaff, thought to be a true Gentlemen you needed to possess certain key skills (more on this in later blog posts – as they are a philosophy definitely worth sharing) – one of those skills was fishing !

With that in mind and being myself a truly average and decidely amateur fisherman I was attracted to this audio book after watching and being surprisingly entertained by the original TV Series last year.

I am so glad I bought this as I cannot recommend this audio book enough. I thoroughly enjoyed this silly romp from two obviously old friends chatting rubbish and teaching a little along the way about fishing. It pace and feel is relaxing and funny and you soon get immersed in the book in not time at all.

It is a great accompaniment to the TV Series 2 that is current running in BBC now, but it’s not necessary to see the TV Series alongside it as it is a stand alone book.

They are funny men and for those of us old enough to remember them in their prime as comics with Harry Enfield and Vic Reeve’s Big Night Out and it’s great to see them in later life just chatting and discussing life along the way and being as funny as ever.

I will certainly listen to this audio book again, and again… it has inspired me to try some fishing again too but as with Bob Mortimer it is probably going to have to be with someone who can teach me along the way.

It’s as much about two old friends shooting the breeze and chatting about life as it is about fishing and does give you a feeling that maybe slowing down a bit and visiting some great fishing rivers is good for you just to relax and get back in touch with nature.

I would recommend the book particularly in audio format as these two need to be heard to really get the best from it. To be frank I doubt it works as well in written format – in fact I’m not sure they even did a written form!

So go out and buy a copy, grab a whisky and kick off your boots and settle in for some light fun and fishing talk it’s a great way to spend and evening for sure.

Oh and do look after your heart – food and exercise are the key – you’ll understand why when you get in to the book.


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