Customers paying online …

Wow when we started this watch company we never thought we would have to write blog posts like this. 🙃

But…it’s very important we tell our lovely customers what they should expect from our website when buy a watch from is.

Shortly (Sept 14th) a new regulation comes in to force which will mean buying anything online will change. As we only sell our products online you need to know about this bit. Normally we wouldn’t bother you with payment process stuff so sorry about this – but we do support this initiative and it is really to stop those dreadful people who rip off people online with stolen cards, creating misery for many. So read on please…

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new Europe wide regulation that basically means people like us who sell online must comply with a regulation that makes buying online safer, by randomly seeking authentication from you when using a credit or debit card.

You may be asked to authenticate who you are with a special code the payment processing people will send to your mobile phone or other device such as email. This second level of authentication will double check you are who you say and the card you are paying with is really yours.

It will on occasions make buying things a bit lengthier but it does stop fraud. This is the new law.

So bear with us, our website is secure we never see all your payment details and we don’t store them so you are safe. This added layer of checking is merely to protect you and all retailers like us must comply to be allowed to trade.

This will by the way impact you of you use Apple Pay or Android Pay or Samsung Pay or any other NFC payment based system as you may be asked to produce your card on demand.

So we hope this is not too much disruption and we as a company will be ready and compliant with the regulations and help keep our customers safe online when paying.

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