We have brilliant customers – cheers everyone πŸ˜ƒ

Yesterday we passed a big milestone – we are officially one year old. Yes, we know! … how time flies, eh? (sorry couldn’t resist 😁)

My grandfather would have been chuffed to bits to think his passion was back up and running and selling watches to the good folk of Britain.

It’s not been plain sailing, we have made mistakes, we’ve had a few returns (because of malfunctions) and other bitty problems… but we got here with a lot of goodwill and of course because of your patience and understanding… we REALLY appreciate it, you lot have been brilliant.

We sold over 3700 units and we have now got the chance to develop some more new models and some more advanced stuff. The family are really pleased we can do that, but it’s all down to you.

Our lovely customers have sent us pictures from California, Bali, Ecuador and all over Europe. Of course, we have also had pics from our favorite place… Geat Britain. From glens to pastures, rolling hills to river banks – just fabulous. We even got one from the top of a mountain 16,000 feet above sea level! Please do keep them coming the pins in our office wall map are growing. If you’re on social media please tag us with #WagstaffTime πŸ˜ƒ.

We listened to your feedback on the packaging and our packages are all recyclable so pop that box in the recycling bin. We have also cut down on paper and printing by shifting or instruction to electronic format saving a few more trees🌲. We are also revising our instruction to provide some video instruction, as some folks asked for these.

Everyone will have read the problems on the High Street with big names going under recently, like poor old Thomas Cook, so it makes it all the more pleasing we haven’t been caught up in that. We are fortunate to have customers who get our no quibbles guarantee for returns and refunds and the fact we don’t charge for delivery like so many do….. and even though we know we haven’t got it all one hundred percent right we are trying harder each day and we want to keep costs down so we don’t go the same way as some of these big-name retailers. We don’t sell through High Street stores and shops because, quite frankly, we can’t afford to pay the price they demand to get in their windows. You can only get us online as a result.

We are now currently developing our next two models, an automatic and a manual wound watch because you folks keep asking about doing that.

We also are looking at another quartz model which is likely to be plainer design and simple to use with large Arabic style numbers – watch (πŸ™„) this space as they say.

We might even be doing a posher watch for those country dinner parties and for when you want to look like the Lord of the Manor.

Oh, and the new models are likely to be called the Oxfordshire and Somerset – but we are going to let you all decide on naming so look out for our poll soon we going with whatever you choose.

So to conclude we just wanted to say thanks for all the support as you are the reason we are growing and we are able to fund some apprenticeships for country pursuits and skills training – more on this soon.

Please stick with us and tell your buddies and best friends about us and though we have had a slow start on social media we are getting there why not follow us on all the usual places. Keep that feedback coming as we do listen.

Please let us know how we are doing in the comments below… We read every one.

Bye for now – come back soon.


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  • John Lawrence.

    I bought the sand coloured ‘Yorkshire’a few weeks ago. It looked good in the box as it does on the wrist. It really is a very fine watch to wear and is as good-looking as many watches costing far more.
    I am looking forward to seeing the new models as and when…


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